Knoxville Limo Pricing Policies

Knoxville Limo prides itself on it's world class service. With such lofty standards, you might think that the pricing packages we offer would be out of reach to most people. With us, you'll find that this isn't the case. We pride ourselves on making our services readily available to just about anyone who has a desire to obtain a luxury vehicle for a day or night trip.

Regardless of your budget though, we are all looking at different ways to save money in all ventures. For limousine services, you'll find that avoiding "High Demand" days can save you a boatload of money. Fridays and Saturdays are the highest demand days for us, and as such the costs are high for these premium nights. You'll also find that avoiding high demand seasons can save you some cash as well. Prom and wedding season both fall in early spring, this season is exceptionally busy for us, and you'll find our pricing then... to be higher than normal. Certain holidays like New Years will find prices higher than normal as well.

You can also help save time, when calling us for your quote by having some information handy.

-Which date you'd like to book

-How many passengers will be traveling with us

-The city of your pickup

-How long you'd like to rent for

If you have this information handy, we'll be able to quickly and efficiently facilitate your pricing request in one phone call, and get you one step closer to your wonderful Limousine experience! Also see our friends at Ft Myers Limo and Akron Limos.