Knoxville Limo Events

Events are a big part of what drives our business, and a major point of enjoyment throughout our great area! We commonly handle all types of events, and for a handy reference have listed some of the more common events we encounter.

All things weddings:

Weddings are generally among the biggest days in the life of both the bride and the groom. With that in mind, we handle your wedding festivities with the utmost consideration and delicacy. You have a lot on your mind for this big day, and you shouldn't be worrying about your transportation. So, you can leave that to us, and count on our great people to provide you with the service and wonderful vehicle you deserve!

Sporting Events:

Knoxville Tennessee loves it's Vols! And we aim to provide you with all you need to make your sporting experience a first class good time. You've never experienced tailgate parties until you've taken one our vehicle out on a tailgate party. Just imagine the center of attention you can be with an opulently equipped Limousine or Limo Bus in the middle of your tailgate experience. You'll never even have to worry about inclement weather again if you consider the comfortable shelter offered within the friendly confines of our limos and buses.

Parties and Nights Out:

With a limousine or limo bus, you can start the party immediately, and be sure that everyone is included in the party... no one likes to be a designated driver, right? Except us! We love being your designated driver. Everyone can enjoy their night, and we can make sure that everyone is safe and sound at the end of the night. That is what we'd like to call a win-win situation!

Festivals and Concerts:

Knoxville Tennessee is a great town, and is known for it's great music and wonderful variety of festivals throughout the year. What's the worst part of going to events like festivals and concerts? Just like any large event, when a large group of people converge upon one area, the traffic and parking can tend to be problematic at best. Add to that, a large amount of people in your own party, and the logistics can get even more tightly wound. Remove that stressful element from what should be a thoroughly enjoyable experience and let us take you and your party from door to door! We'll insure that you have absolutely no worries or stress resultant from travel, so all you'll need to worry about is maximizing your enjoyment!

School Dances (Prom or Homecoming)

Be sure that your children and their best friends are safe on these big nights! Being a parent provides enough worry without worrying about their safety on these all important, but sometimes dangerous nights. What's best of all? You can play it off as though you want them to seem cool to their peers... They win, and you win!